Uma jornada marcada por um compromisso com a essência do café

A decade ago, we at TVRT embarked on a mission: to transform the coffee trade with a positive impact not only on the market, but also on society and the environment. Throughout this journey, we have forged strong partnerships with coffee producers, cooperatives, and partners, maintaining a strategic presence in crucial markets such as Europe, Canada, and the United States.

We value the relationship that local coffee suppliers have with their customers and understand that every customer has a relationship with their cup of coffee. So when TVRT sources our coffee, we have that same desire to understand the soil and the hands that harvest our beans.

Our goal is to unlock the future of sustainability through strong relationships and innovative solutions. To achieve this, we have developed comprehensive tools and relationships that actively involve consumers in traceability and the promotion of sustainability.



Thiago Villela Dos Reis Teixeira

Thiago is recognized for his charisma and ability to build valuable relationships, traits that set him apart in his career in TVRT’s commercial area. He is a service facilitator professional, always committed to understanding the needs of others and finding ways to benefit them. In addition to his charisma, he is known for his integrity and commitment.

With deep roots in the coffee region and a solid reputation, he brings over two decades of experience in the pursuit of the finest coffees to TVRT. Possessing a profound and genuine understanding of the stories and peculiarities of the coffee market, he is dedicated to serving everyone with humility and efficiency.

Coming from a family of coffee producers, he began his career as a taster and classifier, and later worked as a coffee broker for many years. In 2015, he took a significant step by founding his own brokerage company, giving birth to TVRT.

Favorite Coffee: Brewed coffee.

Hobby: He enjoys horseback riding and the pleasure of watching soccer matches.
Why I like to work at TVRT: ”Because we are always in motion and updating ourselves. I like this direct and constant contact with the producers and the whole chain”.

Nathana Paiva Reis

Nathana, a passionate and determined leader, embodies these values in our company. Her expertise in management, combined with deep technical knowledge, drives our commitment to genuine and lasting connections. She not only leads innovative projects and opens new markets but also finds a greater purpose in her journey.

With an international master’s in projectmanagement and PMP Certification. Her passion for coffee is unparalleled. She has previously served as a cupping judge in prestigious coffee competitions such as the Cup Of Excellence. She has led pioneering projects involving technology in coffee traceability and has worked as a consultant on both national and international projects.

Since the foundation of TVRT in 2015, she brought with her her infectious energy, strategic vision, and a valuable network of contacts.

Favorite Coffee: Hario V60.
Hobby: Traveling and jogging in the morning.
Why I like to work at TVRT: ”Because besides creating opportunities, it is a unique environment that seeks to establish relationships and unite origin and demand”.



The german Lucas has a degree in industrial engineering and management and enjoys outdoor activities, he has an internship in specialty coffees and supply chain. He was with us for two months in 2019 to help us with market analysis for the sustainable coffee trade.

Jonna halonen

Jonna is from Sweden, where she studies environmental engineering, in 2022 she came to Brazil, and here at TVRT she conducted a life cycle analysis research applied to coffee farming, aiming to identify the positive or negative impacts of this activity on the environment.